“It’s never ‘it is what it is.’ It is what you make it.”

Humble Beginnings


Born and raised in the birthplace of basketball, Aquana has never been fond of the ordinary. Always opting to take the road less travelled, she married young and moved away from the place she'd called home to start her life as a wife. After a decade of marriage and embarking on the journey that is motherhood four times, all the while enduring the abuse of her husband and the community they were a part of, she finally decided she was ready for a drastic change. So she packed up four bags and took her four children and relocated to the peach state where they grappled with homelessness.

After many trials and much error, Aquana found a way to overcome those hardships and build a better life for herself and her family. With her background in business management, affinity for numbers, and her love of service to others, she then turned her passion into profit as a life, finance, and business coach using what she had applied to get herself out of her personal circumstances and offering it to other individuals who wanted to achieve financial literacy, growth, & stability. 

She later used the profit from her coaching and consulting to fulfill her purpose of empowering other women to overcome their own hurdles and strive for their next level of excellence through her Organization, EASE.

Aquana, aims to educate, uplift, and empower people from all walks of life. She is a firm believer that those who have struggled through darkness must be a light for someone else’s darkness which is what drives her to ensure that people feel able and equipped to stand in their unique unapologetic truth.

A View of
the Present


Aquana's consultancy now offers a wide range of services such as Personal and Business Strategy and Development, Personal Credit Restoration, Personal and Business Credit Building/Enhancement, Tax Strategy and Filing, and Insurance Services.

Her insurance agency has access to quotes from 40+ national insurance carriers enabling her to provide the choice, flexibility and customization to herclients so that they can get the best coverage at the lowest possible rates. 

Her newest position with Prime Lending as a Loan Officer allows her to originate in 47 states, broadening her reach in her mission to help others enhance their quality of life through home ownership.

If you are interested in venturing into any of the fields mentioned, reach out. Aquana is always looking for  passionate and driven individuals to partner with.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and 6 ever-evolving, super funny and extremely loving children. She has a passion for paying it forward through her non-profit organization, EASE, which exists to Encourage Another Sisters Excellence. Throughout the years their members and volunteers have hosted events that enrich, uplift, and create lasting bonds within the communities they serve.



I've managed to push through, heal and persevere through some major hardships in order to become the successful business woman I am today. I aim to empower people from all walks of life, especially women, through education, coaching, and encouragement.


I differentiate myself through providing a personal approach in everything I do because my biggest success lies in serving others. Over the years I have formed strong partnerships that allow me and my team to be a true resource to our community.

One thing I'm always asked is,
"How do you do it?"

Prayer & cursing - but not at the same time. Mastering the art of balance... according to my needs. Some days I prioritize work sometimes I prioritize my personal life. Compartmentalizing is also a must. This allows me to allocate me resources in a way that brings me optimal efficiency.

Aquana Raffington