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What Do You Want?

So many people wake up in the morning, just to repeat the same dreary steps of the day

before. Living blindly in an infinity loop of daily rigmarole.

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself "What do you want?"

If you did, you would find out that it's drastically different from the life you see before you now.

Unrealised ambition is the place where happiness goes to die. The only thing that can lift you out of the muck, is for you to find out and implement what you want to do.

Sadly, you're not alone. Millions of people suffer the same fate because they have not dared to ask the right questions.

As a divorced and now happily re-married mother of six children, I can tell you straight away that choices must be made. Had I not made the decision to leave my home, ex-husband and former religious institution. I wouldn't have found the new love of my life and the success that I enjoy today!

It wasn't easy. I experienced losses and struggles but I made the commitment to not let that

stop me. Life isn't easy , however that doesn't make it impossible.

Take a chance on yourself, zone into what you really want and don't let anything stop you from obtaining it!​

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