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There's a Problem!

I remember when I was a little girl my parents were the head of our household, right or wrong. Even if we got out of hand in public, it was a universal understanding that nothing trumped the "Parental Card".

In many ways, this went for teachers, preachers and law enforcement. Unfortunately, that's not the case anymore. Organizations and institutions are tying the hands of those trying to keep their children in line.

Forbid there be a mental breaking in process, the State seems to only operate in two modes "Admitted or Released". The children that fall in between those two uncertain cracks have to exist in a tormented limbo, sometimes to their own

detriment. Not to mention insurance companies structure themselves so they don't have be responsible for the gray areas of mental health. Sadly, that's where most of us land. What do they want us to in chaos.

Should we allow our children to disrupt, terrorize and taint our homes and other children because of their untreated illnesses? Patients that need months of therapy are being released in a week!

The response to this shortfall is "We're short-staffed" or "The budget is exhausted". However, they don't mind turning a child of questionable behavior loose on their parents who are begging and pleading for a resolution. Something must be done!

The State and Institutions alike have to start being part of the solution and not suppliers of the problem.

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