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The COVID Battle

Our world has been changed forever! Of this fact, I am certain.

While there are tons of theories and uncertain information traveling about our lives, we all may need to take a moment to check in with reality. This thing is here and we have to deal with it.

That brings me to the methods in which we collectively and individually are handling this pandemic.

To be clear, there is no one way to attack it. Some may opt for the Western medicine approach. It has its appeal with scientific advancements and all. However its flaws are just as prolific.

Then you have the holistic approach, which I like to affectionately call the "Wholistic" way of treatment and prevention. With my background in Islam, we have learned that treating your body in a natural way has benefits that can transcend what we're going through now.

Some may consider this kooky and strange, and I respect their opinions because they're just that, opinions. Nevertheless, this brings me to my next point, and it's crucial to humans surviving this and anything else we may be faced with. We have to "RESPECT" others' rights to handle situations in their own way, regardless as to how bizarre it may appear to you.

Opinions have turned into a brand of who have a right to exist, and that's a dangerous game. Imagine if nature decided to join in on the madness of this ideology. Eliminating different plants, animals and insects that goes against popular opinion. Our planet would cease to exist because someone thought butterflies make more sense than bees. I know that that is an extreme example but tough times call for tough measures.

Society has to grow to honor the differences in others and respect them when encountered. I hope that we all want to be healthy and save lives. COVID is not a game, it's a battle. We need everyone on the field, no matter how different, if we want to survive it!

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