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How To Navigate Out of Hopelessness

Yes, this is a tall order.

To be honest, lack of successful examples makes us feel that things are never going to get better. A bullied child may take drastic measures because they feel that the torment is never going to end. To them, there's no bright light to look forward to.

However, those of us that have gotten past our respective tragedies understand that nothing lasts forever. The sun will bathe our faces in its loving warmth after the rain. It's not enough to assume it's going to happen, we need others to show us the way.

For me, it was being shown that I wasn't alone in my struggles and woes. That fact gave me the strength to keep moving forward, onward, and upward. Many times navigating through life is a team sport (so to speak). You have to begin the necessary steps, however friends, family and counselling may be an integral part of that process.

I also understand that not everyone has the luxury of having that dynamic. If that be the

case, I would suggest the next best thing...A Mentor. This person can grow to encumber all of the above in many ways. The wonderful thing about a mentor is that there's no age limit in which you can acquire one. They can be male or female, younger or older. The requirements are according to whatever you need.

Stifling hopelessness is a process that you can make your way through. No one is immune to it but with the right tools you can tame the darkness that it brings. Like I always say, "It's not about finishing the feast, it's all about taking the "Small bites".

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